Other Mountains


Mount Meru

Tanzania's second highest peak at 4566M. Meru is a fun climb, and usually takes 4 days to enjoy it properly. It is possible to do it in 3, but you have a long final day ascending the peak during the early hours of the morning, and then going all the way down. We recommend 4 days. Meru offers excellent views of Kilimanjaro in the sunrise.


The unknown, but Tanzania's 3rd highest mountain - reaching almost 3700m, is Lolmalasin. Situated in the Ngorongoro Highlands this caldera is seldom climbed, but well worth it.

Oldoinyo Lengai

Lengai is a perfect volcanic cone, reaching almost to 3000m, and is an unrelenting steep climb, with loose footing and soft ash. It is usually climbed after midnight when its cooler, and takes between 4-6 hours. Lengai is difficult, but the views from the top are spectacular, and the view into the crater's alien landscape incredible.

Mount Hanang

Tanzania's fourth highest peak at 3417m, an isolated volcanic peak near a rift valley escarpment, similar in shape to Mount Meru. Hanang receives few visitors, and has 3 routes up - Katesh, Geiting, and the west approach. Most people climb and descend Katesh - the easiest, tho descending via the incredibly steep Geiting route has some of Tanzania's most pristine cloud forest - on a par with Mt Kilimanjaro. Hanang takes around 7 hours to climb, and many people camp in the saddle at 3200m.

Eastern Arc

The mountains of the Eastern Arc ranges offer some great hiking and hill climbing, the best being Udzungwa Mountains National Park - with its Mwanihana peak - a fantastic 3 days hike in pristine rainforest.
The Usambaras, Uluguru and other ranges are seldom climbed, challenging peaks.

Mbeya Peak and Mgosi Crate Lake

In the deep south of Tanzania around Mbeya are a couple of interesting, smaller mountains. Mgeya peak is an easy peak, but Mgosi crater is much more spectacular.

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"My friends and I went to Kili as well with MK Safaris in early 2008, and I agree with climbingkili - they are absolutely fantastic. Our guide, Caspar, made the trip a real pleasure. 



  We said goodbye to our fantastic crew at breakfast, with Kili standing majestically in the background blanketed again in a fresh layer of snow. The final hike down on Day 6 was not too bad. We had a celebratory Kilimanjaro Beer at the lunch stop, and we all felt quite energised. I ran the last 9km. Well maybe that's a bit of an exageration!